My Graphic Art Services

I’m offering my graphic design expertise for authors starting from $ 40 for a basic cover. Included in the package are front cover, 3-D rendering, and a promo.

I also have a 'pre-made' section with flat prices (from 15 to 25 dollars).

Paperback covers start at $ 80.

A book cover needs to say it all at a glance. Reader needs to feel motivated and moved to buy a book because of these qualities. So, I’ll do my best to collaborate with the commissioning author until a satisfying final result is reached. I’m specialized in horror and thrillers, being a writer myself, yet I can work on Fantasy and Sci-Fi, too.

Visit my official website Jeffrey Kosh Covers

Just contact me at It’s best if you have some idea of what you want, but if you don’t we can come up with one together.  

Here are some samples of my craft

3D Promo for Revenant

Promo for Oh, the Horror by Jaime Jhnesee

Promo for Thrill of the Hunt by Jeffrey Kosh

Promo for Prison Planet by Billie Sue Mosiman

Banner for an  Event

Promo for Kamp Koko by Night

Cover sample

Back Cover for REVENANT

Cover sample

Foreign Edition Cover

Event Promo

Promo 3-D

Event Promo (Freebie)

Promo for REVENANT

Cover for DOORS by Jaime Johnesee

Cover for Shifters by Jaime Johnesee

Promotional for Shifters

Facebook Wall Banner

Funny Stuff

Blog Buttons

3D Stacks

3D Stacks

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