Monday, July 15, 2013


LORRAINE VERSINI's first story goes FREE today.

As her mentor, I'm feeling excited for her. As an horror writer, I'm not too keen on fairy tales, unless they are grim and brooding. Yet, her writing style charmed me from the beginning.
Purple Wish was born as an exercise: Lorraine was writing a bloody story (that I hope she will bring to an end soon) and there was a running Valentine event on Facebook asking readers to 'date' their favorite author, have a chat, and review one of the author's books. The author had to feature the reader as a marginal character in his/her work-in-progress.

Lorraine Versini was already my 'pupil' and she selected me as her date. She became 'Le Corbeau Noir' in my 'Dead Men Tell No Tales - The Full Tale' (not out yet), a dashing badass pirate chick. But my editor friend, Natalie G. Owens, suggested Lorraine had to write a story too.
So was born 'Purple Wish', in which yours truly is featured as the main character, and Natalie Owens has a special role in the whole plot. I'm not going to spoil this short tale for you, so just keep in mind that is a fairy tale with a modern language (very different from my 'angst-goth' storytelling) and with a lot of humor.

Oh, you know I'm not too keen on freebies, too, so grab one copy before I crack my whip on my pupil and stop all this sickenin' sweetness.

Enjoy 'Purple Wish - A Valentine Fairy Tale' ... till it lasts.

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