Thursday, April 11, 2013

Multi-Tasking And Writing - A Guest post by Armand Rosamilia

I currently have thirteen projects in varying levels of completion open on my laptop. My obvious goal is to get them all written, edited and submitted to publishers or self-published. Will I get to all of them? I hope. I figured out if I finished all of them within the approximate word count I thought they'd end up, I'd need to write another 152,000 words.

And that's if I don't add anything else to the pile… I currently have a list of nineteen more solid story ideas I haven't written a word on… yet. I'm sure if I looked deeper I could find another two dozen unfinished stories and notes on napkins with other great ideas. When will it end? When I'm done writing all of them, of course.

I took the liberty of asking a few writing friends how many projects they work on at one time. Here is my scientific study results, all on a bell curve, and all completely random and unscientific.

"I actually have four or five going on right now. One may end up being another novel… Hell, the other one may end up being a novel, too, along with a few short stories for anthology submission. I like to write more than one thing at a time just for sanity’s sake. If I get motivated to work on one story over another one, I can work on that one rather than forget what I was going to add to the other story by saying ‘No, you have to finish this one before you can work on that one.’ It would be akin to parents telling their kids they can’t have their veggies because they haven’t finished their meat. As for me, I’ve always been a fan of eating dessert first." - Suzi M., author of the Immortal War Series and many more tales of terror. Amazon Author Page:

"Normally one. Although, I do have an electronic index card program to jot ideas down with for future possibilities." - Kat Yares

"I work on whatever comes to me. The most I've ever had going at one time has been four." - Jaime Johnesee

"Writing, I will sometimes work on two projects at a time and break up the sessions with editing work that acts as the palate-cleansing sorbet in between. As for why, it sometimes is as simple as I get an idea and do not want to let it die. If I do not work on it... it tends to fade and I lose it forever... sort of like dreams. You wake up and, if you do not take a moment to think about it... it vanishes." - Todd Brown

"Usually only one. I find if I write on more than one at a time I get too into one and lose track of the other." - Vincent Hobbes

"Usually more than one. Most of my career I'd work on a novel and write short stories when I was invited or when an idea hit me. I still do that, but this year I'm working on two books at once, a new novel and my memoir. Plus short stories when ideas come to mind." - Billie Sue Mosiman

"I tend to stick to one project at a time. Yet, I admit that’s difficult; sometimes a new idea invades my mind and I find myself struggling to keep it out, so I end up with a ‘Sleeping Tales’ folder with three or more half-written stories. Some will see daylight, others … never. " – Jeffrey Kosh

So, what have we learned? Who knows. I just wanted to do another blog post with quotes from cool people I like who are great writers. You need to figure out what works for you. For me, it's a baker's dozen stories to hit at once. You might only be able to do one at a time, or maybe the magic number is fifty open. However you decide… good luck!

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