Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Stephen King calls his fans ‘Constant Readers’.
I call mine ‘Faithful Readers’.
Oh, I’m not copying the King, far from that; I just use that nick to identify those people who really care about my writing, not just my good-looking (?) face on a picture or my lame jokes.
These people love the way I write, and have faith in me, buying all the stories I put out knowing I will not betray them, that everything I do is done with passion, not marketing.

After more than one year in this new, wonderful venture, I feel the need to say thank you to all my Faithful Readers. When I started this gig, I didn’t expect so much success, no, really.
It is unbelievable the amount of love and feedback I received and I still can’t believe it.
I want to thank some of them I had the opportunity to interact with on various social networks.

I’ll start with Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes.
She was my first reader. I still remember her post on Facebook stating she had just bought a copy of ‘Feeding the Urge’. It chilled and thrilled my blood at the same time. Here it was a complete stranger, reading my stuff, who could send me back to Oblivion just with one word (Meh!) or fly me to the Empyrean with another (Nice!) And she wrote a review. My first one.
Five stars!
I kept pacing back n’ forth in my tiny hut down here in Thailand, unable to take off my eyes from the pc’s screen. I called my wife to show her I wasn’t dreaming. It was for real.
Mallory became my first Faithful Reader.

Then others came, mostly other writers, and I thank all of them, because without their support I won’t be here, turning a successful short tale into a 40.000+ words novel. But I thanked them already before Christmas. This time it’s all for readers.

The second one is Jennifer Thomas.
This Georgian gal loves so much my Axel J. Hyde’s character she’s gonna kill me should I pull off one of his hair. She told me she read my novel four times, and even read it to her dad while he was at the hospital. Now, that’s great, folks! I will never thank enough Jennifer for supporting my writing so much. Jennifer is an acute reader and loves to immerge herself in the stories we, authors and storytellers (I’m more of the last and less of the first, as you know), create. She cries and laughs with our characters. She feels their angst and their successes. I call her, an ‘empathic reader’.

The third is Lori Wolfe Safranek.
She can be a pain in the ass, for this strong woman can lift you to heaven with a smile or knock you down to hell when she’s pissed. But she’s honest. You take her by her face value. Doesn’t she like what you wrote? She will tell you, even in a harsh way. And I need that to keep my feet on the ground.

The fourth is Vix Kirkpatrick.
This Faithful Reader has a typical Brit wit. She is also one of the most professional reviewers I met and can analyze your writing to the last comma. She’s honest and doesn’t like putting up fake reviews. She pointed to me what she didn’t like about one of my books. And she was right.
I want to get all my books reviewed from this woman.

The fifth is Lorraine Arndell.
I met her just recently. In truth, we had been friend by a long time, but she had never read anything from me. She started with my erotica, but soon moved to my horror. Well, this French lady reads with a passion, chugging down books like I swallow coke in this darn-always-hot place. Yet, she also savors them, and can tell you all the nuances she felt from a chapter to the other.

I know there are many more out there. Some I never spoke to, some are authors themselves. And I’m surely neglecting one or two, but you must forgive this old man, for he has good memory for the farthest events, and a bad one for the closest ones.

I think my next book (Dead Men Tell No Tales – Warped Edition) I will dedicate it to you:
My Faithful Reader.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

In February 2012, I was working on a new story based on ‘Black Schooner’ (now released free as Black Brig), when a small publisher offered me the opportunity to be part of an anthology. The deadline was very short and it required a zombie tale set in an alternate universe. So, working hard for three weeks, I turned ‘Curse of the Black Schooner’ into ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’. It never made into the anthology, but I self-published at Amazon, offering it as a freebie in two instances. Well, this small jewel has been my most successful story of ever, with more than 2.000 downloads and it even became known as the ‘most pirated pirate tale of the web’. I had to send so many letters for copyright infringement I could fill a book. Amazon threatened to suspend distribution more than once, as their staff found my story was available free on more than one ‘sharing’ site.
Honestly, I felt honored. Even today, I find Dead Men standing alongside books from Barker, King, Ketchum, and other big ones inside torrent bundles.
Yet, I was never satisfied with the result.
Because of word limits, I had to cut so many scenes and descriptions that every time I read it I feel a sense of emptiness.
So, you know what? I’m going to rewrite it.
Yes, I’ll put all my experience to expand this baby and offer it to you as the story it was meant to be. Captain Drake was intended as a flamboyant, Errol Flynn-like pirate, but due to space restrictions, he came out as a dour and depressed individual.
And what about the Black Gull (a tavern in Port Royal), the sword duels, the Risen horde, and other horrors?
You’ll read about them in ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales – Expanded Edition’.

Friday, January 11, 2013

To celebrate my debut as an author: 
I offer the second edition of Feeding the Urge (only at Smashwords) at $ 2.00 (instead of $ 4.99). All you have to do is follow this link and type the following coupon when prompted:

Promotional price: $2.00
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