Friday, September 21, 2012

MEET A REAL HORROR BUFF: SUSAN MCSHERRY A blog interview by Jeffrey Kosh

Today, I want to introduce you to a dear friend and Horror fan, Susan McSherry.
Susan is a reviewer and professional editor for a well known e-magazine, that also produces hard-copy issues, and a real walking encyclopedia on horror.
She’s also a singer in a rock band, a wife, mother, and business owner.
In short, she is multitalented.
Let’s hear from her.

Jeff: First, welcome to my blog, Susan. We met on Facebook, exchanging jokes and pranks in various horror groups. You have a great sense of humor and are extremely knowledgeable in anything horror. Can you tell us more about you?

Susan: WOW…there’s so much history!!! Not really much to tell though. I’m a wife, a mom, an owner of a computer business, a reader, a reviewer & most recently, a professional editor. I love to read, I love movies, and I love music! As a musician I love to perform and entertain!!!

Jeff: Where does this passion for horror stems from?

Susan: Well, it probably originated from my dad. He took me to my first horror movie; it was a double feature, Dawn of the Dead & The Devil Within Her. Probably the most memorable moments of my life, as far as horror is concerned.

Jeff: How do you ended up reviewing and editing?

Susan: It was a complete fluke. I was reading all of the works of Robert DeCoteau. I looked him up on Facebook, just to tell him I really liked his work. He added me to a group, Kindle Horror Books, on Facebook, & proceeded to tell everyone there I’d be a great reviewer. It kind of grew from there. It started with reviews, and proceeded to doing edits.

Jeff: You are also a singer in a musical band. It is a professional endeavor or just a hobby?

Susan: Singing is a very passionate hobby of mine…I love music & I love to sing, so I thoroughly enjoy doing it!!! We primarily do covers, but we’re working on a few projects that involve doing original music. That’s really all I can say about it at this time!! ;)

Jeff: What’s your favorite color?

Susan:  Hmm….I would have if they’re colors to wear, probably black, even though it’s technically a shade, not a color, and perhaps green. If its colors I want to surround myself with, probably blue & purple.

Jeff: What’s your favorite kind of horror?

Susan: I love, love, love zombie horror!! But I truly love anything within the horror genre…There’s just so much out there that captures my attention.

Jeff: Besides my books, what’s your favorite book of ever?

Susan: I really like any of the Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo, and the Dead Hunger series by Eric Shelman.

Jeff: Who’s your favorite author?

Susan: I’m not sure I have one….There’s so many amazing authors to choose from & I love them all!!!

Jeff: Who inspired or inspires you the most?

Susan: Probably my husband…He has such sense for business & for people. He can pick up things that most can’t. He’s my rock. I know I can always count on him for anything & everything. He’s just such an amazing & wonderful human being.

Jeff: Margarita or Sex-on-the-Beach?

Susan: Well, I’d start with a margarita, preferably a Midori margarita, then follow it up with Sex-On-The-Beach!! But if I had to choose only one, it would have to be Sex-On-The-Beach!

Jeff: Would you like to travel the world, like me?

Susan: Of course I would!!

Jeff: Is there anything more you would share with us?

Susan: I’m a fairly simple kind of gal, I have simple wants & simple needs. I am easily pleased!!! I love doing the things I do, and I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Jeff: Thank you for sharing with us. My best.

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  1. This is a beautiful interview with Susan. So glad she shared her activities and zest for life. Thank you Jeff for spotlighting her.