Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'm glad to announce my joining of the 'Alexandria Publishing Group'.
My next stories and novels will be officially published under that logo.

Alexandria Publishing Group has an invitation only submissions policy.
To be considered for invitation to submit:
a.) Must have a completed manuscript
b.) Said completed manuscript will pass the scrutiny of our editors and formatters. (Typos and occasional errors might be overlooked, if the overall manuscript is generally well done. Consistent spelling errors will not.)
c.) That said completed manuscript actually has a good plot, decent characters, and relatively good reviews
d.) That you behave in a professional manner the majority of the time.If considered for inclusion you will be approached through direct message and asked if you would like to join. If you choose to accept, understand that there are no fees, although there may be joint expenditures for which you may be asked to contribute. Each member contributes what they can afford – some better for one expenditure, while money is tight at the next.
Responsibilities within the group – maintain good standards of writing, cross-promote by adding the logo to your new releases (and old if you wish), join promotional efforts within the group (blog tours, group free releases, within reason) and twitter/Facebook post your good reviews, new releases, etc.