Monday, July 30, 2012


Life can be so funny and ironic.
There is a weird connection between me and pirates, it seems.

When I was nineteen year old a self-appointed psychic pressed for showing me his palmistry skills - reading my hand lines. He told me I had been a pirate in my previous life and I died drowning...
I was never charmed by piratical stories - nor by psychics - and didn't pay too much attention to this guy. He did this for free; I was buying some seeds in a general store, he spotted me and started blathering about this piracy thing...

Years later, I found myself being a member of GAMA - an association of professional Game Masters for Role-playing games. Guess what? My most successful stories where those with pirates in it. People flocked my table to play a stupid story about pirates and time traveling agents...

As a professional writer I wrote different horror stories, but my best seller is still 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' ... a pirate story with zombie-like creatures and a curse...

Internet pirates decided my story was so beautiful they had to share it for free. See my previous post about Pirates being Pirated for the full story.

So, I decided to grab one of my unpublished stories (Black Schooner) revise it, change its style, and set it in the same universe of Dead Men Tell No Tales. It became 'Black Brig'. I offered it for free, and it will always be available as such until I will buy the farm, or more like, will go for my last chase...

Two weeks later, a guy from China downloaded it at Smashwords and published it at - under my name - setting its price at 2.99 bucks. This dude is as dull as dishwater, because he just copied and pasted my description of the short story without paying attention to the lines. In fact, customers could clearly see the word 'FREE' in the blurb. After a long battle with Amazon I was successful in having it removed from sale. Black Brig was intended as a gift to my readers and it must stay that way...

Last week, I was contacted by a movie production crew for a small jig in a movie adaptation of an upcoming video game. Guess what, dear gals and guys? I play the part of goddamned pirate!

So, I must surrender to the will of the spirits. There's a pirate living inside me, rebelling against the system and longing for freedom. As a digital nomad, I'm already a freedom-loving traveler, exploring the vast seas of knowledge and the uncharted islands of the future.

What can I say?


Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Work-in-Progress: SLADE - MAN FOR SALE

Do you know what Slade Carver did before going to the Bert R Ranch? How he ended up broke and desperately looking for a job?
Of course you don't, for I haven't told you yet.
SLADE - MAN FOR SALE is my new novelette, adding a chapter to the red hot world of Slade.
More sex, some very private parties, a rodeo, and a crashed wedding await you in this prequel of 'Thrill of the Hunt'.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'm glad to announce my joining of the 'Alexandria Publishing Group'.
My next stories and novels will be officially published under that logo.

Alexandria Publishing Group has an invitation only submissions policy.
To be considered for invitation to submit:
a.) Must have a completed manuscript
b.) Said completed manuscript will pass the scrutiny of our editors and formatters. (Typos and occasional errors might be overlooked, if the overall manuscript is generally well done. Consistent spelling errors will not.)
c.) That said completed manuscript actually has a good plot, decent characters, and relatively good reviews
d.) That you behave in a professional manner the majority of the time.If considered for inclusion you will be approached through direct message and asked if you would like to join. If you choose to accept, understand that there are no fees, although there may be joint expenditures for which you may be asked to contribute. Each member contributes what they can afford – some better for one expenditure, while money is tight at the next.
Responsibilities within the group – maintain good standards of writing, cross-promote by adding the logo to your new releases (and old if you wish), join promotional efforts within the group (blog tours, group free releases, within reason) and twitter/Facebook post your good reviews, new releases, etc.

Monday, July 2, 2012


This story tormented me for over a month.
I don't know how it happened, but all of a sudden I got this weird vision of a powerful Cardinal, alone, inside an ancient Roman tower. He was afraid of something, yet it wasn't the flashing blade of an assassin or temptation which caused him to shudder at night.

I saw an owl.
An owl and a skull, precisely.
So, the ancient myth of the Roman 'Stryx' came to my mind; a creature having its roots in Greek mythology. They were called 'Nemeses' and, well, must have been Axel's personal rider (Nemesis, right?) sending me this new weird tale.
It is a story of power, weakness, eternity, and endings. It's about Oblivion and Rebirth. Something out of Lovecraft and Poe, yet with my own personal style.
My second novel, Thrill of the Hunt, is due to be published within July, at the moment its fate rests in the hands of an extremely talented editor: Natalie G. Owens.

So, I had plenty of time to develop this pastiche, an experiment in literary horror.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


For all the month of July, you can get some of my books with a -25% discount at Smashwords
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