Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It happened all of a sudden. I was stuck without power for 3 consecutive days, so couldn't work on my first non-horror story (Thrill of the Hunt) and my temper was flaring. Nothing to do, nothing to see, I and my wife found ourselves dusting out the ancient tradition of storytelling.
And REVENANT came out of the blue, or rather ... the black.
In the style of those 1970s horror comics, the tale is narrated in third person, present tense. Voodoo mixes with traditional European legends of the restless dead.
I enjoyed writing it so much, and also had the luck of finding an excellent editor for my story.
She's Jaime Johnesee, and I'm so honored to hire her services for this weird tale.
The novelette also includes an appendix with notes about the Revenant legend in various cultures.
I'll let you know more in the coming weeks.

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