Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Help Charles Day and Hidden Thoughts Press

You loved his 'Legend of the Pumpkin Thief'. Now, Charles Day needs your help for a good cause:

Chase is giving away grants to help small businesses grow, but in order to qualify, they need a minimum of 250 votes. HELP THOSE WHO SUFFER FROM MENTAL ILLNESS.

HTP is a publishing house dedicated to producing quality books filled with real stories from people who are surviving and coping with mental illness. They’re dedicated to helping those with mental illness realize they aren’t alone through inspirational non-fiction anthologies and non-fiction novels. 

Their staff focuses on the theme of mental wellness throughout the works, offering sufferers, their families, and friends help, hope, and a place to share their stories, including failures, set-backs, and successes. 

Your vote will allow them to pay pro rates to our authors, give wider discounts for their books, including free books to consumers who would otherwise be unable to afford it. They will be able to reach out far beyond just NY. 

They will work with a major distributor who does print runs so they can get our inspirational books in libraries and bookstores throughout the country. They can pay for more ads, and in turn reach out to so many consumers who would be inspired to read true stories from survivors of mental illness. 

I know this for a fact because I see it every day. Agencies reading our books in groups, consumers sharing their positive feelings about being touched with a story they read. This grant will help them do so much more. 

Please vote!!! CLICK SUPPORT type in Hidden Thoughts Press and then RIDGE, NY!! There is less than 17 days to go. Please help our cause!

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