Friday, June 1, 2012

Guest Post: Author Bryan Hall presents The Vagant

Author Bryan Hall

            First off, thanks to Jefferey for letting me hijack his blog for a day.  I guess the best thing to do here is to talk about just what my novellette The Vagrant is about.
            Before I get to The Vagrant, however, let me explain just what it's place in the Southern Hauntings Saga is.  The Saga will follow Crate Northgate, a guy who's dealing with more than most of us ever will.  He's on the run, from his past and from whatever lies back there behind him.  Just what that is won't be revealed until the Saga has run its course, but you'll get gradual reveals as it goes on. 
            Each story will be self contained, with Crate helping a different client in each.  The huge array of southern ghosts and legends out there has given me a very deep palette to work with, so I think they'll all be fresh and unique.  And all along the way, Crate's past and his mysteries will slowly be unveiled.
            I also want each story to focus on different themes, whether they're very broad ones like forgiveness or coping with loss, or very specific ones. 
            The Vagrant is a story of redemption, in a way. 
            Crate isn't a great man.  He's got his flaws.  He's not a fool, either, but faced with the chance to help someone who he sees himself in, he can't pass it by.  It won't rid him of his demons, but it may help absolve him, even if its in his own eyes. 
            Of course, it's a cruel world out there and some things are simply more complex than black and white.  By the end of The Vagrant, Crate will fully understand that.
            This story leads into the Southern Hauntings Saga, as kind of an intro piece.  It was only supposed to be a couple of thousand words, but it took on a life of its own.  I won't say where it fits into the timeline of the Saga.  It could occur years before the first novella in the series – The Girl – or it could occur days before it.  It may even occur after it.  But what it should do (I hope, anyways) is introduce you to a man struggling with his secrets even as he helps others to face theirs. 
            The south is filled with mysteries, some well-known and others only whispered about within the small towns that they occur in.  I've lived here for more than thirty years, and I've soaked up a lot of those tales throughout the years.  It's time they were told.
            Crate Northgate has a long road behind him, and an even longer one ahead of him.  I hope you'll join him for a few miles. 


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