Wednesday, May 16, 2012


OK. I rarely talk about myself or promote my books, preferring to point my readers to the works I have enjoyed the most from other writers. You see, I hate marketing; it’s an essential weapon in today’s Indies’ arsenal, but it’s like walking on a thin sheet of ice on a frozen lake: press too much and you plunge.

The second thing which scares me the most are reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I love reader’s feedback, we are nothing without their critics and (yum!) praises. Yet, being the new kid in the block, I’m always afraid someone will be bully or nasty toward my works.
Oh, I’m big enough to defend myself, but hate so much conflict that I tend to avoid it all costs.

Two weeks ago, I was attacked on a Facebook group I’m part of by a guy who felt offended by one of my post advertising a ‘Giveaway’. Now, I limited self-promoting there because I’m in that place as a fan of the author the group is dedicated to, not as Jeffrey Kosh the writer. But chance had this old post, which I published to allow some of my friends to get a free copy of ‘The South Will Rise Again’, bounce up; this guy saw it and got pissed.
I engaged him in a productive dialogue and, by the end of it, we became friends and he even bought one of my books.
Unbelievable, but funny.

All the reviews I get are spontaneous.
I’ve messed with my family before becoming a writer, so I’m basically alone; no relatives to praise my stuff, no real life friends buying or reading my books (I live in Thailand, remember?), and I never pester for reviews from my fellow writers.
At the moment, there are six gracing ‘Feeding the Urge’ at Amazon. “Spirits and Thought Forms) got one, even if it’s my best seller of the lot. ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ got five, and ‘The South Will Rise Again’ three.
As I said, no one of these comes from ‘on-demand’ reviewers.

Today, I received one of those reviews that can make an author cry with joy.
Jenn, a reader I don’t personally know, after savoring my book as a Miami Lime Cake, a page at a time, has published this touching comment at Amazon:

This book has so much going on within the pages that once you start it you will never have to worry about your mind wondering off in a different direction. In the beginning it is a story about Dr. Axel Hyde but it becomes so much more. There are so many different stories within this book it is crazy, but it all works and flows so well together.
This book does have some very adult situations and it does have some very taboo subject matter that a lot of people my want to turn away from the book but I can assure you that this book is very well thought out and written in a way that some of the subject matter is never to overwhelming. The characters are so well written that it is very easy for them to become real in your mind. You are able to feel the pain and hate and fear of each and everyone of them and that is what made this book so amazing for me.
I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good captivating read and as much as you wouldn't think it being in a book like this, there is a bit of romance and a hot and steamy part.”

Well, I don’t like to brag, but innit worth my brush with the pen? (Forgive the slang)
I fought seven months to bring this wretched creature to see the light, and still don’t know from where that weird idea stemmed from. Even if I’ve got a clue or two.
This reader clearly took her time in reading my novel, taking in as much as I had pumped out.
I imagined her eating this ‘Miami Lime Cake’ like a consumed chef patissiere, diving inside my story, unwilling to swallow it at once.
So, I could have written ‘Feeding’ just for her and be happy about it. Because I need money, hell if I do, but as a humble storyteller I feed on this: readers’ approval.
This pushes me to go on, better myself and offer my readers the best stories I can find in those micro-distant universes in which they happened.

Thank you Jenn. 

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