Thursday, May 24, 2012


Who’s Jeffrey Kosh?

Easy answer, you may think; a struggling horror storyteller with highs and lows, a funny fellow who loves writing (and talking) and promoting other authors’ works. An expat living in Thailand, looking for inner peace. Even a weirdo, if you like.
And No.

There are many Jeffrey Koshs; yeah, some you can detect by reading his books, or his posts, that’s for sure, but they’re not all immediately discernible unless I give you a lead in.
Well, today I want to talk about those many Jeffreys, and I’ll do it by using some of my fictional characters to illustrate the shades in this author’ soul.
The monster lies on the surgeon’s table, and since we’re taking no chances, it has been sedated and strapped, ready for you to dissect.

(Feeding the Urge)

Axel, the protagonist of ‘Feeding the Urge’ is the darkest aspect of Jeffrey Kosh.
A socially unstable individual with a strong urge to right what’s wrong, the good (?) doctor is a force of natural selection, an uber-predator culling out parasitic scavengers from modern society’s hedge. Inside, he’s a good man – or rather a kid – doing his best to understand his peers, but failing to fully grasp social dynamics and standard behavior.
For many years this character lived inside me, driving me ironically as my Rider.
I felt different; a freak of society, and also ugly, with less sex appeal than a carbonic bar. More, I was the weird guy who loved morbid and creepy things.
He was my Frankenstein’s creature.
Still, like that monster, I longed for companionship, unable to stay away from my kind.
I exorcised him by writing Feeding the Urge, allowing him to take his path into the world.
He is yet a part of me, although confined into a dark cellar of my Io.

(Dead Men Tell No Tales)

Cynical, practical, but passionate.
Drake is my outward attitude. People who meet me get the idea of a self-conscious, determined, and flamboyant individual. It’s not a mask I wear, but some kind of self-defense mechanism, like a cat ruffling its pelt to appear bigger and dangerous.
Drake was also a charming pirate and I’m sorry had to trim most of his description and background in ‘Dead MenTell No Tales’ due to the fact he was meant to be featured in a short stories collection of a Floridian publisher. I’m planning to use him in future projects, maybe in a complete, full-length, rewrite of the story.
Well, Drake may be resolute and charming, but he had this darn weakness: passion.
Passion drives my life, too, and leads me to act with hotheaded judgment, standing like a stalwart knight for those I feel deserve my affection. I’m protective of those I care for, but this can turn into a downfall when that protection isn’t wanted.
Pope Alexander VI, better known as Rodrigo Borgia, had this fault. He could’ve have been a great statesman and reformist, but being a temperamental dude, ended up being reminded as full of nepotism and viciousness.

(Thrill of the Hunt)

Who the heck is this guy, now?
Slade is the main character of my work in progress, my first non-horror tale. A cowboy at birth, turned into a drifter by fate, he’s a hunk and hot as hell. Manly, old-style, and cocky, he’s the epitome of my sex appeal.
With time, I came to understand not being ugly, quite the contrary; I’ve had my shares of conquests and a discrete female following just for my good looks.
It was my Axel’ side which scared ‘em away.
I’m attractive (not posturing, mind you) that’s a fact, and now I have come to terms with that, accepting what others said before but I never took for real. 
Not playing in George Clooney’s or Brad Pitt’s league, but neither struggling in the Swamp of Eternal Monsterhood.  
By jailing Axel in that cellar, I’ve been able to gain some self-esteem and finally accepting to show myself on pictures or videos. If you explore my Facebook or Goodreads profiles, you’ll notice there aren’t so many photos of my teen years, cause I hated being photographed. Almost all the pics you see are recent.
Slade is more boastful than me, but that rugged cowboy attitude is gaining the upper hand in my personality and is slowly bringing me back to my country roots.
You don’t see me strut around, but I’ve become fitness conscious and love taking care of my body.


No, you won’t find this character in any of my published books.
Not yet.
It’s the weirdest part of me; a distant creature studying humanity from the outside, genderless and detached. There are some days I act like that, sliding amid society, avoiding being noticed, and taking in as much I can of my fellow travelers, giving back none.
I like to share, but when in this ‘mood’, I’m more a ghost than a living guy.
Loving to explore everything, I still stare at novelties with the eyes of a star-crossed child. The sky is always new to me, as do the ocean and the land; can spend hours watching a lizard, or a butterfly, or a group of kids playing.
Everything is new.
And new is always good, because I dread stagnation.

There are other faces, some too private to share with my readers, inside me.
However, those I’ve sketched, and sectioned, in this post are more than enough to get a first glance of who really is Jeffrey Kosh.

Or not?   


  1. Great post! Nice getting to know you better!

  2. Great post, and something we can all relate to, no doubt! :)

    ~ Suzi