Sunday, April 1, 2012


Fun. Entertaining. Visual.
These are just some of the words that come to my mind, after reading Unleashed: Tail One.
Lori Lopez concocted such an amazing (and incredible) tale it should be a blockbuster. Not reading this is like going to Paris and neglecting Eiffel Tower; you’re missing something on your life trip.
I had to read several books these days. Some were of my liking, others were awful. It’s my personal policy to just review those I enjoyed and deserving at least 4 stars. This went beyond. I’d give it 8 stars if I could, because Lori Lopez’s style is truly innovative and her multitasking creativity clearly shows in her writing. 
In this tale you get three points of view: a dog, a detective, and a cat. Each one acts perfectly in character, with a lot of humor (dark and otherwise), and pleasant details.
The main persona – Midnight the cat – had me laugh and shiver at the same time, and some of her lines (her thoughts) brought me back at Showtime’s Dexter … with a touch of Ray Bradbury.
I think that Lori Lopez is one of the most gifted writers in the genre and should get more attention by the general public. She gets the instinct of a natural storyteller, yet she doesn’t disdain prose, playing with words in a funny way, Lopez never bogs you down into the intricacies of English language.
I’m very glad having read this.   


  1. Jeffrey Kosh, this is an amazing review. As an author yourself, I'm sure you know how much it means for readers to grasp and appreciate the effort you put into your work, as well as the style you craft to tell your tales. Thanks for this recognition! I appreciate it! :)

  2. Super review! :)
    Sounds like a fantastic read. I think I need to put it on my To Be Read list! :)

    1. It is super! Thank you, Amanda! It's free at both Smashwords and B&N. Hope you enjoy it. :)