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I'm glad to host author JESS C. SCOTT on her virtual blog tour. She's a writer of Erotica fiction with a different bend; in fact, she writes about relationships and sex.
Here's her guest post, an essay on her writing style. Enjoy!

Relationship-Based Erotic Fiction (by Jess C Scott / jessINK)

As an independent author, one of the things I enjoy the most is being able to write anything I like. A writer doesn’t necessarily need to conform to certain genre conventions if they want to try something that’s not been done before (or something that isn’t commonly done on a mass market, commercial level).

That being said, I didn’t realize how much of a problem writing “erotic fiction” was going to be. I’ve had taboo-themed works banned, and received complaints of how my “erotica [was] not explicit enough to be called erotica!!!”, though I guess I’ve always kept an open mind while trying to learn as much as I can along the way (that’s my basic approach to both life and writing).

My erotic fiction was never about the number of explicit/graphic scenes, because I never intended (and still don’t) to produce pornography (where the primary purpose is to make a commercial profit via arousal).

I recently co-authored a book with Matt Posner, who wrote in a joint interview that my style of erotica was “relationship-based.”

I guess that’s the label/genre I’ll be sticking with from now on (thanks, Matt).

To me, love and sex going together is the ideal. Sex without love is fine for some people, though without the emotional intimacy of sexuality, sex becomes all about satisfying physical desires (i.e. lust). Sex and the erotic life can offer so much more than lust and “explicit details,” which is why I’ve always enjoyed writing stories that combine both relationship and erotic elements.

The passion and purpose behind writing stories in this genre, is partly fueled by my own exploration and navigation of my sexual wants and needs. Some might call that narcissistic (and that’s fine), though it is my hope and aim to encourage others to feel free and unafraid to explore the unknown too.

I suppose I like to maintain some level of morality too (in terms of consent, responsibility for others’ emotions, etc.). I think a materialistic life gets in the way of the real values that a person can develop for themselves (especially with regards to their approach to love and sex), because a materialistic lifestyle emphasizes the material/financial gains in life while reducing spiritual fulfillment (and things get even more warped when materialism is seen AS the one and only true way to “spiritual fulfillment”).
I guess the themes of love and sexuality will always feature throughout my projects (erotic as well as non-erotic projects). These are driving forces that are too precious to be treated as mere commodities (or to be “dumbed down” for the purpose of financial profit).

Via my work, I enjoy doing whatever I can to present fresh/engaging/unique perspectives on two of the most fundamental forces that make us human.

Jess is a professional non-conformist with a fresh, youthful world view. She is an author of relationship-based erotic fiction (and other unique projects, including one that features “cyberpunk elven thieves”). She’s cool, supportive, and writes with both intellect and a lot of emotion.

She has most recently co-authored Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships with Matt Posner (Spring 2012). For more info, please visit

Jess can also be found on jessINK, Facebook, and Twitter.

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