Sunday, March 4, 2012


Author Autumn Christian

This young promise is certainly going to smash all records very soon and I'm glad to promote her latest masterpiece. I'm in love with Horror intruding into Science Fiction (I dream one day being able to finish my 'Echoes of a Faraway Star', myself) and I'd like to see more in the genre. 
Here's your chance to win a free copy:

Autumn Christian is giving away 10 copies of her dystopian horror e-book The Crooked God Machine. 

 - In The Crooked God Machine, Charles lives on the black planet, a place where plague machines terrorize citizens with swarms of locusts and rivers of blood, salesmen sell sleep in the form of brain implants, and God appears on the television every night to warn of the upcoming apocalypse. When Charles meets Leda, a woman who claims to have escaped from hell, he begins to suspect that the black planet is not at all what it appears to be. After Leda disappears, Charles sets out to find her with help from his stripper ex-girlfriend, the deadhead Jeanine. Along the way he will uncover the truth of the origins of the black planet, and discover the source of the mysterious voice that calls to Leda from the ocean waves. -

Just follow and tweet @autumnxtian with the hashtag #CGMgiveaway for a chance to win The Crooked God Machine.

Described as "a young Flannery O'Conner," and "most likely to kill us all," Autumn Christian is a dark fiction writer with a strange name and stranger fiction.
You can also follow her at her website, on Twitter, by email at AXTIAN , on Facebook and at Goodreads.

The Crooked God Machine can be found on Amazon and on Smashwords

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