Tuesday, February 21, 2012


After a series of unfortunate experiences on Facebook, I've found myself wondering on human’s weird nature.
How it's possible we are so fascinated and easily upset by social networks at the same time?
We are social creatures – gregarious but competitive – and easily fall into the traps of interpersonal communication; we can’t help.
The fact we don’t act different from ‘real’ life interactions can be questioned. Yet, I’ve noticed a further substratum of lack of proper communication lying below the funny pictures, open behavior, and superficial joviality of many users.
Yes, the computer screen does more than showing us the latest of George Takei’s demotivational posters. It also acts as its namesake, shielding from things we don’t want to see, or better, we don’t want to reveal.

Being a social guy (in both real and virtual life), I had a real boon with these new technologies; they allowed me to extend welcoming hands to several people around the world, with no need for expensive calls or travels (and let’s admit it, you wouldn’t be happy to receive a stranger’s call at 3 am from a hombre who wants to meet new people).
On the reverse, being a naïve person, it even had me fall in the pit of misunderstandings and misinterpreted feelings.
That was when private life mixed with virtual one.
I’m not going to bore you with details on my complicated relationship with women; bear in mind I love ‘em, getting better along with gals of any age than with their male counterparts; but we always end messing up our friendship when baser need rears its ugly head.
Ok, I’m a good-looking guy – even if don’t see myself such way – and this can affect expectations some member of the opposite sex (even of the same sex) want from me.
I’m flattered by this, but sometimes leads to frustration.
And being a sensible person, I often surprise myself returning affection; especially when I feel alone.
This doesn't happen just with women. In the last two years on FB, I've had wonderful relations and chats with males, too. But they all ended the same way: a sudden flare of communication, then sporadic contacts when something changes in their life.
You could argue I only meet weirdos … or I am a weirdo.
Perhaps I’m a boring person, perhaps not. But since I invest so many feelings in my dealings with people, it always hurts.
Add to this I suffer chronic depression ... and you get the picture.
Sometimes, these kind of people do not help, quite the contrary; they make you feel inadequate, asocial, or worse.

Well, all this stuff crawled into my mind lately, and it tuned to a new frequency on the Great Interdimensional Radio, which contains all those fantastic stories I write.
And a new tale came out.
I call it ‘In the Web’ and it recounts the unfortunate meeting between a social network-dependent lonely man and a ... charming something from Beyond.
It's not going to end well.
As you can figure, it is a horror paraphrases of the lure these ‘FB Monsters’ exert on us all; filling with joy at first … and putting at risk our own real life sentiments in the end.

I dedicate it to all my ‘Facebook Monsters’

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