Sunday, February 5, 2012


I’ve learned the hard way that one of the most critical part in my pursuit of being a good writer is the part on editing out my spelling and typos. Grammatical errors or missed words not only give a bad impression to your potential publisher, but also ruin the pleasure of enjoying your story.
Editing is a hard work, requires skills, knowledge, and good judgment. Something that dedicated software like spell-checkers can’t offer you.

That’s why I recommend the assistance of an excellent professional Editor.
Do not waste your hard-gained money on vanity press; they just give you the ok on whatever you wrote, caring more for your bucks than your career.
A good editor must be someone who cares about your writing and doesn’t overcharge you for a poor quality product.
There are many out there, yet they can be quite expensive.
Always cheaper than the services of vanity presses (these can charge you something like 7000 to 10000 dollars) editorial service can really improve your manuscript.

As an example here is a link to an honest and professional Editor I know.

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