Friday, February 24, 2012


Horror has many faces, yet not all of them belong to unnatural monsters.
It takes courage, experience and knowledge to write about ‘Human’ monsters.
That's what Cunningham does.

Her personal website tells us:
‘Cunningham writes gritty, erotic, psychological thrillers, full of twists, turns and intrigue, goose bumps one minute, laughter the next, injecting a fresh energy into the fiction market. With a skilled mix of fuelled tension, dark humor and pulsating sex scenes, she has it all; fear, laughter, arousal, thought provoking questions, leaving the reader wanting more.’

Now, I’ve found more in this fantastic author’s writing style; a dark, yet erotic passion for details, at the same time eschewing from the simple trick of titillating the reader with trashy pornography.
Her characters are scary, some even disgusting, but all richly painted in a background of all-too-real world.
Although I’m a ‘storytelling shaman’ of garden-variety traditional Horror (that is, supernatural abounds in my short stories) I was really impressed by her ability to convey another kind of darkness: the one which lies right within ourselves.

I do not even dare to put my ‘Feeding the Urge’ on par with her masterworks, yet my seminal work used the pretext of the ‘unnatural’ to highlight the horrors that humans do.
Because inside me, I'd like writing about these human monsters.

To know more about her
Here’s a link to her website: Author S. C. Cunningham
And this is her Amazon Page: Amazon Author Page
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