Friday, February 10, 2012


I do not want to bore you to death, my faithful reader, with continual promos of my new novel.
Besides, there are many of you out there who do not give a damn if it’s good or bad (take notice, I’m not complaining; it’s part of my job accepting critics, bad reviews, and lack of feedback) and that’s fine to me, because numbers are speaking. One month after publication in all formats the ‘book I do not want to name’ it’s going pretty fine and getting positive reviews.
Not bad for it coming from a ‘previously unknown writer’, that is.

No. What I want to share today is about ‘Travelers & Liars’ – wouldn’t make for good damn title? – Or my experience with a friend globe-trotter I had the pleasure to chat with at last night’s party.

This guy has been blessed with a zillion of weird meetings in his extensive trips around the globe, from South America to Africa, from Asia to North America.
I all these voyages he met  strange people claiming to be everything; from narcos on the run, to ex-gun smugglers, from former golpists, to high-class thieves, hiding out in a foreign country until waters calm down. He has collected all these stories in a series of files and I suggested him that could be turned into a damn fine nonfiction book.

The point is: were these people lying? And, if yes, why?

I’ve noticed traveling people tend to lie about their true identities while on a trip. Maybe they’re just having fun, or maybe they feel the need for self-aggrandizement. I do not know.

I’d like to hear some opinion on this topic, because I’m thinking about writing an introduction to his book, should it come to the press.    

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  1. Someone that is hiding from the authorities, would not go out of the way to broadcast it. If they do.. then trust me they are no master criminal.