Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello, I’m Jeffrey Kosh.
You surely recognized me as the author of the novel ‘Feeding the Urge’.
No? You do not even know what I’m garbling about?
Well, you’re right.
Feeding the Urge is my first published novel and will be widely available on the general market within two months, or later.

Mr. Gary Starta was so kind to invite me on spreading my senseless blurb on his blog.
I must admit feeling uneasy staying shoulder-to-shoulder with such giants as Rebecca Besser and Jennifer Chase; it’s just like being invited to a party where everyone is an accomplished professional and you feel you should be serving cocktails to these people, not having conversations. Unfortunately, I’m a talker, and once you start me it is difficult to shut me up.
However, for your eyes’ delight I’m going to restrain myself.

Feeding the Urge is about ancient spiritual beliefs seen under a modern point of view. Axel, the main character, is an unusual kind of serial killer – or more likely, a serial vigilante, if such a thing ever existed – experiencing a need to kill those he feels responsible for our society’s ill. People who feed on other’s fear. The novel tells his exploits from the age of ten, when he was abused by a pedophile, and rescued by … something else.
It is also the story of Cheri Ridge, a Cherokee dancer who should be dead, and maybe she is, somehow. Raised by a White Shaman, she has grown up immersed in her people’s folklore and belief system, and this is going to ‘feed her urge’.
The paths of these two weird individuals are going to merge, yet with an unexpected ending.
Well, I’m not going to spoil the rest of the novel; I hate when authors do that.

David Brin said that he feels like a shaman, creating images and alternate realities in other minds.
That fits my way of writing; I summon stories from another place, they’re already there ready to be told. The matter rests in the author’s skill to convey it.
I figure that had Jennifer Chase or Gary Starta encroached on Axel’s story before me, they would surely weave it in different ways. My specialty involves inner feelings and how they affect the individual.  

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